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Myo Min Kyaw, PPSA, BPSA

My full name is "Myo Min Kyaw" and my nickmane is "Tony Wu.  I'm from Mandalay Division, Myanmar (country).  I have been learning photography since 2015. I always listen to Sir Thigh Wanna (Myanmar) who is the country membership director of PSA team.

Every day, I try to learn and about the photography from my teachers and youtube. My work is selling the cosmetics in my country. Sometimes, I don't have enough time for taking photographs and discussions with my photographer group. But I have been trying for it. My working time is from 8am to 5pm everyday and sabbath days are my holiday. After working time i go out for taking photograph within my Mandalay area but that is not the formal. But whenever i get a free time, i take a photo and looking for new area, sometime forgetting to have a meal

Myo Min Kyaw earned his QPSA in 2018 and his PPSA in 2019. He earned his BPSA Portfolio distinction in 2019.