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Mustafa Evirgen, EPSA

Mustafa Evirgen (PHOTOGRAPHER-EFIAP/P-EPSA-EIUP) He was born in 1966 in Cyprus. He got his two higher education diplomas from the Open University, attending the Management and Photographer/Cameraman faculties. Currently he is employed at a public institution. He is married with two children.

His photography adventure started when he received a compact camera as a gift from his father when attending to the junior high school. He has taken part in various competitions both in Cyprus and abroad. He won the best international photographer award FIAP Blue Pin many times. He has received over 2000 acceptances and 400 awards so far. He has taken part in many national and international juries.

Due to the successes in the international competitions he was awarded the EPIAP/p (Excellence FIAP/Platinum) by the International Photographers's Federation (FIAP) and EIUP (Elite IUP) by the IUP (International Union of Photographers). He earned his EPSA in 2021. He continues his photography work privately as well as in the Prime Four group that he shares with Yiltan Tasci, Ceyhan Ozyildiz and Mustafa Muezzinoglu.