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Muhammed Rafeek, BPSA

Gifted with an innate ability to execute his disposition with fineness, Muhammed Rafeek approaches Photography wholeheartedly. Being born in an alluring village in the southern district of Kerala, India; he has grown up as an ardent nature lover and a curious observer of his surroundings. The images imprinted in his mind took form as frames through his passion for Photography. Apart from being an enthusiastic Trade Lane Manager, Rafeek manages to accommodate ample time and space in life for his creative pursuits.

Last two years of his experience with Shutter Bugs Creative Forum has influenced his aptitude and views on photography to a greater extent. Gradually through the journey with SBCF he has chiseled his craving for this art into sharper peaks like bird photography. His images have been a part of group shows which includes Farmchimp Photographic Fair Edition #2 and a presentation at 'An Evening of Inspiration Edition #5' in Dubai. He is a member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum.

He earned his BPSA in 2018.