Mohamed Tazi Cherti, QPSA

Born in 1978, Mohamed Tazi Cherti now lives in Casablanca. He is an award-winning photographer, artist, and entrepreneur whose mission in life is to"explore the beauty that god has created in our world. Since the age of 16, he worked in the world of "luxury," watches & jewelry specifically - a job for which he has great respect, it has brought him a nice balance and a humanly enriching. During all these years, he has developed the rigorous job well done - but more importantly, the desire to please, and to trust that we could give him. Beside that, in 2008, a strong desire arose. The resume, find that passion for the image - photography in particular - this one having never really left, and remained in a corner of his heart that allows him to express his creativity and what he see. Today a freelance photographer, Mohamed will offer a look more carefully and seek to implement, the most beautiful works for your needs and your desires.

Mohamed Tazi Cherti earned his QPSA in 2019.