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Mathew Kurian

While organizing a regional conference in Jaipur, Mathew experienced the first thrill of travel photography with his point and shoot camera. After the event, he set aside time to visit and photograph the important historical and touristic sites of the city. Travelling around the city with his camera was an enlightening experience. The outcome was very positive and the beginning of his journey in travel photography.

The next posting in the Republic of Yemen, provided wider scope to capture the unique beauty of the mountains and the medieval Islamic architecture. The dark souqs, the veiled women, the stained glass windows, the gun wielding, qat chewing tribals were unique photo opportunities. Every face, every expression had a story to tell and he wanted to capture all these on film. He invested in a high end SLR camera and explored this untouched terrain - the mountain villages in the north to the historical seaports of the south, from the desert towns of Rub Al Khali to the isolated islands of Socotra. Mathew passionately captured and published these photographs in tourist brochures, promotional material, postcards and in the Lonely Planet Guide.

Mathew's journey continues in Dubai, while discovering modern architectural styles, desert and macro photography. Mathew is an active member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum, based in Dubai, UAE.