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Masoud Rahimi

I started learning about photography, dark room and negative processing at my older brother's studio in 1976. First, I learned about retouching and spotting along with washing of film negative then gradually learned more about film and print processing. Eventually I gained experience on how to use and take pictures using large format hand camera (press camera). By 1989 I could perform dark room color film processing and printing.

In 1992 I started shooting and compiling videos. In 2003 I directed several social documentary films for Iranian National Television. I also did commercial, industrial and portrait photography. I took on 360° 3D photography in 2011 and currently I am working on a project on the national level, which involves creating a 3D virtual pilgrimage to shrines of 220 thousand martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war. I perform the design and execution of this project. Starting in 2013 I was able to successfully take 360° 3D photos using all the necessary gear and equipment obtained for this matter. I am ready to teach 360° 3D photography and traditional retouching and spotting to anyone interested in this subject.

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