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Welcome to the Maryland State Membership home page.

I look forward to/ and my goal is speaking with you about the different photography clubs across our state, from Baltimore, MD to Calvert County, MD. and all the other cities and towns in between that host photography clubs. They are great sources to connect with other photographers in a variety of settings to share photographs and shooting/vacation destinations, discuss local photography competitions, or just hang out to enjoy each other’s company over coffee or tea.

‚úČ Pauline Jaffe· 

PSA currently has 7 photography clubs in Maryland. Also in Maryland, Maryland Photography Alliance encompasses fifteen photography clubs. Their goals are to promote cooperation between camera clubs and support interest in all aspects of photography.

PSA has a lot to offer individual photographers at all levels of experience, and photography clubs and meet-ups. There is an abundance of educational tutorials, online classes and mentoring programs. As a PSA member, I encourage you to consider being part of a Digital Dialogue or Study Group https://psa-photo.org/index.php?education-study-groups. Groups of photographers around the world share photos, thoughts, suggestions and appreciations. Additionally, consider image evaluations, a mentor and other educational opportunities. Participate in worldwide sharing of photos through photographic recognition and PSA service https://psa-photo.org/index.php?awards/overview. And so much more! Lastly, I love receiving my PSA Journal every month! It is one of the better (quality) printed and informative photography magazines on the market - and it is free with every membership.

Send me your Maryland photos to post on this page! (1024ppi on longest side – 102 dpi)

Feel free to share this letter with friends and acquaintances that have an interest in photography and perhaps joining the PSA with you.

PSA Values its Volunteers

An important part of the PSA experience is recognizing the hundreds of volunteers that promote the Society and its programs. Directors and chairs propose those working for them for recognition awards. However, there are many who are equally as deserving but have not been identified. Please consider proposing a worthy member for PSA Honors, Society Recognition Awards and PSA Services Awards. Your Membership Director can provide you with assistance, when necessary.

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