Mary Ann Ponder

I retired from the Colton Public Library in 2009 and joined the Redlands Camera Club in 2011. Never did I imagine what a time-consuming passion photography would become in my life. I was doing quite a bit of travel then and most of my photos were vacation-related. You know what I mean. The highlight of my travels were two trips to South Africa and my first experience shooting animals(with a camera)in the wild.

Since then I have attended numerous workshops and learned about other aspects of photography besides snapping a picture. Post-processing is probably the most challenging for me. And keeping up with technology in general. I am a Canon user and I purchased the M50 (mirrorless) in 2018. I'm not sure it takes better pictures than my full-frame 6D but it certainly is easier to carry.

More recently I have developed an interest in night photography and day trips to scenic and/or historic sites within California such as Route 66, the eastern Sierras, Joshua Tree NP and San Diego. I also like to photograph "junk," old cars, cement plants and whatever oddities that catch my eye.