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Marco Garabello, MPSA, EFIAP·

Marco only started entering entering international exhibitions at the end of 2009, but since then he has received more than 5800 acceptances in PSA international recognized exhibition with more than 400 different titles, 500 awards and in particular 51 gold medals, achieving in 2012 the PPSA and the AFIAP recognition and in 2013 the EPSA. In 2015 he earned his MPSA.

He has always been fond of photography as a consequence of his passion for traveling (he has been in 60 different countries), but since the advent of digital photography he could now express himself more completely. Actually, he has always been involved with images, having worked for ten years like a journalist in several Italian TV networks and then as a manager for several companies, mainly dealing with communication and marketing.

He loves photography in all its aspects, and when he cannot travel he replaces the unbelievable emotion given by a wildlife shot with still life pictures and the enchantment of a pano with digital creativity. But he is fascinated, above all, by a particular photographic technique, the one that does not yet exist but that shall come tomorrow.