Marco Antonio Cobo

I was born in 1965 in Santander, northern Spain, a place where mountainous terrain and weather has a landscaped idiosyncrasies of particular beauty, beautiful beaches and high snowy mountains far only a few Kms., not to mention women of similar beauty and qualities. When I was 22, I purchased my first SLR, and have enjoyed photography ever since.

After several years of taking courses and workshops, I decided to tackle photography as a profession and undertake a study of photography and social reportage that lasted 14 years, in which I learned not only photography but to live life in the development of my professional activity. It was here that the change to the new technologies and the advent of the digital revolution led me to take real pleasure in restoring old photographs with new computer techniques.

But this had a price and it was a business and as such could not feel free to how I feel now. Thanks to an employment change in my life that allowed me to finish the professional part of the picture, thus closing a stage in my life and today to enjoy this passion freely, with my imagination and thought the single strands that can hold that freedom. And so in this manner, I am now summarizing my life as a photographer in this new direction, thanks to a great illusion as it was a picture of me has been selected in it