2011-12 POM

2012 PPD Print of the Month - March

Dana Vannoy, FPSA, PPSA, this month's judge, describes her judging problem:

"Selecting one image as Print of the Month was extremely difficult as those that placed in all four categories were truly very interesting and excellent images. I finally focused on the Star Color winner, Barn on a Bend made by Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA, of Verona, PA. This image has no technical flaws and it is so inviting that I want to jump in and take a walk down this country road! Red barns are becoming extinct so photographing them is a wonderful pursuit. When one finds a perfect one on a bend in a road with a lovely wood fence, the capture is bound to be a winner. I found the treatment the maker gave to the framing of this wintry image very enhancing. This print is a fine piece of work."

March 2012 POM Gallery