Manabendra Bhattacharjee, QPSA, EFIP, AFIAP, HonGAPS 

I am Manabendra (E.FIP, A.FIAP, Hon.G.APS, Hon.CPE) from Guwahati City. I started my photography as a hobby in the year 2011 with one simple "Click and Shoot" camera! It is said that a picture is worth than a thousand words. I love photography & Traveling. My Subjects of photography are Moments of life, People Style of living, Nature & Landscape etc. with lots of colours and happiness. I am delighted to be the one who captures memories, happiness, love, joy and all emotions in between. “I believe that capturing life stories and moments is so important, not only for myself, but for those to whom i mean the most. I am thankful to Mr. Dibyendu Dasa and Sir Bidyasagar Boruah in my little photography journey for their valuable contribution and support.

Manabendra Bhattacharjee earned his QPSA in 2021.