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Moshe Geizler, EPSA


Moshe Geizler is from Ramat-Gan, Israel. He joined PSA in 1974 and received his PPSA in 2005 and his EPSA in 2013. FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art) honored him with AFIAP in 1993 and EFIAP in 1999.

He has written several articles that have published in the PSA Journal since 2000, which have included three cover articles, for which he received four Bronze and one Sliver PSA Editorial Stars. Moshe has also received numerous Stars in PSA's CPID, ND, PT and PJ divisions.

Moshe was awarded PSA's Editorial Award, the Charles Keaton Memorial Award, at the PSA International Conference of Photography held in San Francisco, CA in September of 2012.

He has written stories about Nature for kids that have been published in Israel.

Graffiti in Israel
Golden Jackal
Red Skip Boat
Grey Heron
Four Beechcrafts
Blue Eyes