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Loye Stone, PPSA

Loye Stone, PPSA, has been a member of PSA since 2008. A practicing architect and artist, Loye is a member and past President of the Fresno Camera Club and is a member of the San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council and the PSA Gold Rush Camera Club.

Living in California, just a few hours drive from Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterey, the High Sierra Mountains as well as Death Valley, Loye has learned to appreciate some of the world's most beautiful sites.

Dedicated to the "instant art" of photography, Loye has earned PSA stars in Nature, Photojournalism, Photo Travel, Color and Monochrome divisions of PSA. and has judged several PSA International and local Exhibitions. He received his PPSA in 2014.

Always striving for uniqueness, quality and emotional expression in his work, Loye stays focused on achieving those goals.