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Edgar Lower, FPSA, GMPSA


Edgar Lower lives in Davenport, Iowa and has been a member of PSA since 1979.  He has received acceptances in six PSA divisions in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions.  For five years, Ed served on the PSA Service Awards Committee and was Chairman for 2009-10.  He was elected an Associate of the Society (APSA) in 1998 and a Fellow (FPSA) in 2008.  Ed earned the EPSA in 2005, the Master Distinction (MPSA) in 2011, and the Grand Master Distinction (GMPSA) in 2015.

Edgar has been active in the Central Illinois Camera Club Association (CICCA) and the North Central Camera Club Council (N4C), serving in various capacities including as President of both camera club councils. 

Ed was honored to have his images of Mountain Scenery featured in the Distinctive Image Series in the September 2011 issue of the PSA Journal

1800's Colorful Locomotive
Snowy Mt. Rainier Reflection
Two Lighthouses at Sunset
Seal Rock at Sunrise
Boy Talks on Phone
Lower Wrangell Peaks above Copper
River, Alaska