New Jersey

Les Tyler

Les attended the Antonelli School of Photography in 1971 under the GI Bill. Since then, he has had a wide range of experience in the world of photography. Les has worked as a commercial photographer for more than 40 years, specializing in advertising, portraits, celebrity photos, conventions, and products etc.

Now that he is semi-retired, Les has been devoting his passion of photography to exhibitions and photographic art shows. He has won numerous awards for his work, and has had his work in many exhibits and displays. Some of the venues his work has been exhibited in are as follows: The Photo Review, The Pennsylvania Center for Photography, Holland International, Wilmington International, Perkins Center for the Arts, Ocean City Art Center, Atlanta Care, Vertua Hospital, and many more.

He is presently the president of a photo group called Focal Point that meets at the Hammonton Art Center in New Jersey. The group gets together once a month to critique each other's work pertaining to that month's theme. He also conducts workshops with the group to help everyone and himself grow in their art. As well as belonging to Focal Point, Les is also an active member of the South Jersey Camera Club that also meets once a month. Here he has met some outstanding photographers and good people that have helped him expand his photography in many ways.

Les says capturing fleeting moments in time is an incredible quest. There is a feeling of joy in knowing that you have recorded what you wanted to express, sometimes in a fraction of a second. It even becomes twofold when that joy is transferred to the viewer.