Study Group 2

Les Lincke, PPSA

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Title:    Bumblebee
Goal:  To take macro images of insects. 

Equipment / Source:   Nikon 810 w/ Tamron 90 mm macro lens 

Technique:   Iso 400 @ 1/3000 @f 6.7 

Processing:     Lightroom 

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Title:   Giant Gray Moth

Goal:  I was out taking macro photos of bumblebees when this Giant Gray Moth showed up.
Equipment / Source:  
  Nikon 810 w/ Tamron macro 90 mm lens. 

Technique:   Shot at 1/180 @ f16 w/ 800 ISO

Processing:   General LR adjustments.   

Comments/Scores (N,T,P,E, Total)

  Critique Image (only members of Study Group Two may critique this image)

Review by commentator Rick C.

I think the primary capture is well done. The main focus and DOF both look good to me on this type of intimate study. Having the proboscis out and in the flower, even if a little hard to follow it, is significant relative to the nature story. It is difficult to say for certain, but I am seeing what I believe is a slight color cast, likely from the many surrounding green plants. I also feel that some dodging on the moth and burning in around the edges would help with separation. See what you think of the adjusted version. I did the dodging at 20% Midtones with one pass and the burning in at 20% Midtones on the leaves to the left and right in two passes. There isn’t much we can do about the bright objects in the background just to the left of the moth’s head. They will remain a distraction, though I feel we can lessen the extent of it by dodging the moth. Watch your cropping. It is pretty tight on that back wing at the top.

N-3, T-2, P-2 = 7 (T-2 Slight color cast on my monitor P-2 Dodge and burn selective areas to improve separation.)

Review by Fran M.
The extended proboscis makes an impressive action shot. The moth looks like a fairy with its wings up in the air that way. Lovely texture on the moth, furry body and scaly wings. Good depth of field to get it all in focus from front to back using macro. I admire your composition with the diagonals of wing towards the corner of the image.
N-2, T-2, P-3, E-0, total-7

Review by Mike P.
Nice image of the moth, although I don't see a strong nature story element here.
N-1, T-3, P-3, E-0, total-7

Review by Dorothy P-R
It is a great picture of the moth utilizing the flowers in nature. Very sharp moth and eyes along with the details in the moth. Good DOF, however, I felt that the background to the scene to the left where you see white is distracting. I like the photograph and the subject. The flowers were faded but might have been good if in focus. Overall a good nature shot.
N-3, T-2, P-2, E-0, Total-7

Review by Manu R.
A very nice micro showing with sharpness the appendages, eyes, tongue, etc. I would like to see a bit more color saturation. Also, I think that the background carries a bit of noise.
Neither of the last two observations take away significantly from the technical or pictorial values for the image.

All in all a nice image that has to be scored with the difficulty of shooting same being kept in mind.  
N-3, T-3, P-3, E-0, Total-9

Review by Suman B.
It isn't a giant grey moth but a woodland skipper as I can recall. may be I am wrong. since you are using f16 as aperture a huge depth which in this case is unwarranted happended and instead of concentrating on the skipper we are looking at everything which is a bit distracting. another thing is the position of taking the shot. If you could happen to be shooting parallel to the skipper its identification would be a lot easier as the marks on its wings are more visible to see. In a macro shot using high depth in a parallel way would have given you a good image but here not everyting is in focus especially the wings.
N-2, T-1, P-1, E-0, Total-4

Review by Maria K-L
Very good photo with good dof and focus. I think nature story would be 2
Part of the background is distracting so 2 for technical
N-2, T-2, P-3, E-0, Total-7

I live in Ft. Myers, FL. and Blowing Rock, NC. I am a retired business executive who travels extensively and enjoys photography as one of my many hobbies. I also participate in the PSA Travel Study Group. I look forward to being involved in this nature group.