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Les Lincke, PPSA

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Title:  Bluebird Comes Home  

Goal:  I set up my equipment and waited for the bluebird to come home. I had to look ahead of the nest because in in an instant they are through the hole and into the box.

I understand there will be issues with this photo because of the man made nest but I feel these boxes form an intricate part of a bluebirds life. I'll be interested in others take on the matter.

Equipment / Source:    Nikon D500 w/ Tamron 150-600 mm lens at 240 mm w/ tripod.
Technique:   Set up camera on multiple exposure with tripod and wait.

Processing:    Cropped, clarity, noise reduced.

Comments/Scores (N,T,P,E, Total)

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Title:   Hoodoo at Bryce Canyon-1

Goal:    Seeking acceptable images while in Utah. 

Equipment / Source:  
  Nikon 810 w/ 28-300 mm lens. 

Technique:   1/125 @ f 16; ISO 800

Processing:     Cropped, sharpened, noise reduction

Comments/Scores (N,T,P,E, Total)

  Critique Image (only members of Study Group Two may critique this image)

Review by Commentator Rick C.

I feel you captured an effective extraction of some of the Hoodoo features from this section of Bryce. The composition is effective in my estimation. I like the way you placed the Queen Victoria formation in the upper left as the brightest element. Focus and DOF look good. I think your exposure was also good for the lighting. The downward perspective is hard to avoid at Bryce if you don’t get down on the actual trails. I don’t mind it, but do feel that it makes it harder to get separation from the background. In this case, I would be inclined to try burning in the edges (i.e., the features you don’t want the viewer to concentrate on to see if that helps. You also have the very same problem I always have in trying to keep the rich tones of the rocks rich without appearing over saturated. For this image, I would be inclined to pull back just a bit on the oranges. I think you could leave everything else as it is.

N-2, T-3, P-2 = 7 (N-2 good nature story in the erosion but not at a behavior level. P-2 try darkening the edges to help with separation from the background and pull back just a bit on the saturation in the oranges.)

Review by Mike P.
This is a nice capture of the Bryce Canyon hoodoos. Looks like you and I photographed this formation from nearly exactly the same spot and probably the same time of morning (see my April image). I like the way you framed this. The green trees certainly added a nice pop of color. I also like the way you caught how the light makes the hoodoos nearly glow. It does appear overly sharpened, result in a lot of graininess or noise.
N-3, T-2, P-2, E-0, total-7

Review by Butch S.
Real nice shot of the Hoodoos. They are sharp and well colored.

The only think is, I wonder if you could have gone down a trail are found a shooting spot which puts you more in the same horizontal plane as the top of the tallest Hoodoo. My personal taste is shooting as low as I can and as low as I can go compositionally.

No mark down for your shooting position as I assume that you are down as far as you could go. 
N-3, T-3, P-3, E-0, Total-9

Review by Maria K.
I think this is good story for landscape.
Great light, detail and color.
Vertical composition and top view show well rock formations.
To me the image would be more powerful without seeing part of the rock on which you are standing on.
Maybe worth to try crop from the bottom.
N-3, T-3, P-2, E-0, Total-8

Review by Louise H.
You have captured the nature story with the unusual rock formations. Technically I think the image was somewhat pixelated. The image does lend to the beautiful glimpse into the canyon.  
N-2, T-2, P-2, E-0, Total-6

Review by Bruce F.
Love the translucence of the rocks. This is what differentiates Bryce Canyon, and makes in a special place for photography. Tight affective composition. However, I might have added a little bit more of the base of the small front hoodoo; it appears cut off and just sticking up into the composition. The flow at the base of the main hoodoo from this high angle adds a lot to the image. Well done, well exposed, and creatively seen. Nice choice of a vertical format too, works extremely well with this angle and these particular hoodoos. One tip, darken the bottom left rock, it’s a bit light and draws visual attention. 
N-3, T-3, P-3, E-0, Total-9

I live in Ft. Myers, FL. and Blowing Rock, NC. I am a retired business executive who travels extensively and enjoys photography as one of my many hobbies. I also participate in the PSA Travel Study Group. I look forward to being involved in this nature group.