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Leroy Lambright, FPSA, EPSA·

Lambright_Leory2.jpgLeroy is a lifelong resident of Fresno, CA. He developed an interest in photography early in life, shooting for his high school paper and yearbook. This interest continued on into adult life when he entered his first competition at the Fresno District Fair, winning a first place ribbon.  From then on, he was hooked.

He joined the Fresno Camera Club and PSA in 1983, serving as Club President and Print Chairman for the Fresno International Salon (now Exhibition). He has served as Chairman of the Editorial Awards Committee for the PSA Journal since 1996. He received his PPSA in 1998, his APSA in 2000, and his FPSA and EPSA in 2011.

Leroy¹s primary interest is in Landscape Photography. Over the years, he has used the same medium format camera, shooting negative film and processing large color prints in his own home darkroom.  He has numerous stars in the Pictorial Print Division¹s Large Color Print and Nature Print sections with over 900 acceptances in worldwide competition, including many medals and awards.

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