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Kristina Erin Kaye, FPSA, EPSA

Kristina joined PSA in 1975 and soon became involved in several Pictorial Print Division (PPD) activities including the Secretary of that Division. She held most of the officer positions in the Color Slide Division (CSD) before becoming the Chair in 2004. She was an active International Exhibition exhibitor up to the late 1980's. In 2008, she again became active in PSA-recognized Exhibitions. She became the Director of the Interclub Competition in the Color Projected Image Division (CPID) in 2006, and the Director of the Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) program in 2010. She served on the PSA Service Awards Committee and was the Committee Chair in 2008. She is currently serving on the Honors Commitee until 2017.

Her interests have changed during her time with PSA initially concentrating on darkroom work in the PPD. At that point she was concentrating on landscapes and people with character. In the late 1980's her interests changed from the PPD to work in the Color Slide Division. When she switched to digital imagery in 2005 her interests again changed.  This time she became an avid bird and wildlife devotee. Many of her current Exhibition images reflect that enthusiasm.

Kristina earned her APSA in 1987, her PPSA in 2011, her FPSA in 2012, and her EPSA in 2013.

Shuttle Over Golden Gate

Smiling Cardinal

Who Threw the Snowball?

Red Fox about to Pounce

                Arctic Fox about to Attack

Raccoon in Bird Feeder