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Karl Hokanson, PPSA

Karl returned to photography seriously in the Fall of 2007 after his son handed him his DSLR and strongly suggested he get out of the house and go back to his love of photographing sports car racing . He did and combined cars with bicycling racing at the encouragement of an auto racing photographer and a bike racer at his office.

In the past, Karl had done some photography in high school and college but focused on his career in architecture and a family. So after his wife passed, photography, specifically sports, was a perfect interest to combine with his bicycling. He found focusing on the true amateur (the weekend warrior) provided some of the best opportunities to capture the intensity of the person and the true essence of the sport. He also enjoys chronicling interesting people at different venues and the urban scape and its elements.

A longtime resident of southeastern Wisconsin, Karl is a practicing architect, a member of the Menomonee Falls Camera Club, a member of Wisconsin PSA Chapter since 2010 (Secretary since2013) and a member of the PSA Digital Dialogue Sport Group #59. His primary sports subjects include a full range of bicycle, auto, and motorcycle racing; speed skating, and rugby all of which are available in his area.

Highly appreciative of being able to earn his PPSA (late 2014) he really thanks photography for helping him see and appreciate the many sights around us and meeting the many people who share the interest of photography (you can’t easily hide a camera around your neck, especially if you have a telephoto attached). He is also very appreciative of the true photographers, amateur and professional, who are always willing to provide tips on how to improve.