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John Roach

In my photography, I seek capturing the light and achieving an artful display of my vision of the beauty in the world. My primary focus includes studies in nature such as landscapes, floral and wildlife. I also seek to present the hand of man in cityscapes, architecture and travel imagery. Occasionally, my images visit the world of people through portraits, street images, sports and other events of the moment that make life special.

To capture the light in the best way and to display detail, tones, texture, and lines, I use a variety of wide angle, telephoto, macro lenses and lighting control devices with my cameras. My approach to post processing is for the most part minimalistic, except when my vision urges me to do a little more, such as to expand the tonal range, texture, details or convert to black and white and infrared.

Photography is my full time passion now that I am retired after a successful career in engineering and management. More of my work can be seen at my website and blog