South Carolina

John Galgano

I grew up in/on Long Island, New York. High School was a challenge for me, but my world would change forever after meeting Mr. Dennis Warner who was the most amazing teacher. He taught photography in high school and quickly got my attention. From giving me my first real camera to obtaining a scholarship for me to the Art Institute of Boston, this teacher changed my life forever.

I moved to Maine in 1979 and lost touch with Mr. Warner and Photography. One day I realized all that this teacher had done for me and I paid it forward by operating a Free Photography School in "Free"port Maine for students both young and old to learn and use Photography. November 2015 I closed the school and moved to my new residence in Charleston South Carolina.

I have known many people along the way and thank each and everyone for all your support, friendship, and love. Photography is all about sharing the light and dark of all that we see. Please take the time to share Photography, like all the others who have come before us.

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