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John Andrew Hughes, APSA, PPSA, AFIAP·

John's parents handed him a camera at the age of 7 and appointed him the family photographer. A gesture he will not forget. John studied photography in high school and then completed a four year apprenticeship with press photographer Charles R. Cramp FRPS, FMPA, ABIPP. His first published image appeared in a local newspaper at age sixteen.

John joined PSA in 2009. He quickly became involved with its activities, becoming Jon Fishback's first instructor for PSA Education Services, a position he held for nearly five years. In that time John graduated 66 students. He has completed The PSA Individualized Photography Course, the PSA Advanced Photography Course, the PSA Image Analysis Course and the PSA Judging Certification Course. His first article ‚ "Bolivia Land of Belief‚" was published in the PSA Journal in the same year he joined. John has earned one PSA Editorial Silver Star and one Membership Star. He is the current director of the Membership Star Program and he received the PSA Early Achievement Award in 2013. John is a member of the Nevada Camera Club and was awarded Master of the club in 2010. He received the PSA Honor of APSA in 2016.

John is currently the PSA West Coast Area Membership Director and the State Membership Director for Arizona. He is a member of the PSA Membership Retention Task Force Committee.

John also serves as the PSA Projected Image Division Second Vice Chairperson arranging speakers for the PSA annual conference. In 2014 John became the PSA PJD Photo Story Competition Director. He is a PSA Listed judge and has had the honor to judge for Nevada Camera Club, S4C and PJD.

John earned his QPSA in 2018 and his PPSA in 2019.