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Janos Demeter, EPSA

"I do not consider myself as being specialized in one field of photography or another. Many years ago I started photography by installing a darkroom in our house (namely in the WC). I learnt how to develop B&W films, then color slides as well. I made some pocket money by processing color slides to friends and reinvested in buying photo equipment. This was a Zorkij 4 camera and a flash 2x bigger than the camera. Still, I made some nice photos, a few of them even being successful in contests, especially in the "diaporama" category.

Then a long break came along, when I had to take care of my family and career, I didn't even had inspiration. A "new era" started in 2013, when a friend of mine convinced me to buy this time a DSLR camera. Since then, I have now a full frame Canon camera, a couple of lenses and other stuff.

What I like most is nature and night photography but this is continuously changing. Recently I enjoy taking landscape photos and fine nudes too. I am a member of the Photographic Society of America, holding now the EPSA title. I have more than 1000 photos entered to different international contests in more than 50 countries."

Janos earned his PPSA in 2017 and his EPSA in 2018.