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Jai Arumugam

Jai has a background in hospitality and has developed a passion and love for photography. He grew up in an area known as Chennai Singara Chennai. Singara means beautiful, Chennai which is known for its music, art & culture in India. He is proud to say that he was born and raised there. He currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

He is a student of the New York Institute of Photography and a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Photography is about capturing moments and he loves photography as it connects him with people, nature and all little details around him. He is currently working on a project on the Streets of UAE where he interacts and make connections with the loving people on the streets of UAE. For more info, see his Instagram account: whynot streets. Check his web page at jaishootscandid.com. That site shows his journey to frame his moments as well as the people he photographs.  He said, "Many thanks for being a part of this journey. With love and passion, Jai Arumugam."