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Jayanta Dutta, PPSA

Jayanta joined PSA in 2001. Born in the City of Guwahati in the north eastern state of Assam in India, he became interested in photography at a very early age. He bought his first camera, a range finder, in 1969. But it was in 1980 only that he got himself involved in photography seriously. Though his primary interest lies in nature and travel photography, he has tried his hands in all fields of photography and for a period worked as a freelance photo journalist.

In 1984 he had his first solo exhibition in the city and has five exhibitions to his credit. From 1994 he started organizing workshops and in 1995 founded North Eastern Photographic Academy in Guwahati. He is a current executive member of India International Photographic Council, New Delhi. He received his PPSA distinction in 2013.


Tortoise Family

Flower and the Bee

Rhino after a Bath

Life in the Mountains

Morning in the Hills