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Isabel Guerra Clark

My name is Isabel Guerra Clark and I am an advanced amateur photographer. I bought my first NikKormat at the age of 21 but never spent any considerable time photographing until I retired from Nephrology in 12/2015.

I now belong to the Phoenix Camera Club and volunteer my time in the monthly program section. I am traveling a lot and my best pictures come from these wonderful places I am blessed to experience. I am also involved in printing and own a Epson P800. Photography challenges me to continue learning not only with respect to how I see the world but also with my Photoshop skills and the wonderful world of print making. For the time being, I am exposing myself to all types of photography including infrared. My mentors are many but Steve Burger is definitely one of my favorites.

I am married and live in Phoenix,Arizona with my husband and dog Cookie. We attend Dream City Church where we do volunteer work. I am blessed to be retired and still able to walk and chew at the same time. I am very active and one of my main photography goals is to slow down enough to SEE the true beauty that is in front of me often.