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Hulki Muradi, PPSA, EFIAP/b

My Photography Vision For me photograph is expressing the feelings in a different way. Not with tongue itself but expressing the feelings from your soul's point of view. So i call photography as "eye of the soul." Photography is a friend for me whom always was beside during my life journey. It is like a way of living for me and If you ask on making a guess and tell you how many percent of my life is full with this art then it will not be easy for me to give a percentage. Because it helped me to develop a new perspective for my work and special life. It taught me to be patient and to think once again before making my important decisions. I look at the photography as it is a means and philosophy of life. If you are not patient you burnout easily, if you do not make empathy and do not try to think like others your dissapointments increase. If you do not act on time you could be late for something.

And in the photography it is the same. If you convert what I said to photography, you must understand others, you have to have empathy and you must take the correct action to shoot a good photo. The photography art at this stage provided me to develop a new philosophy combined and synchronized with East's patience, West's punctuality. Shooting photos is a resource of happinies for me which I enjoy very much. The voice of the shutter button sometimes taking my soul from me placing it inside the frame and I feel too happy. Sometimes photos emphasize to me that the present time is very precious. Underlines me that there are many different lifes in the World and many people are smiling allthough their life conditions are very hard. My main purpose while shooting photo is to provide them to show the lives that they never saw, to take them to the places that they never went and to show them the sequences that they did not see. We can call it shortly as, "unveilling curtain of the obscure."

Hulki earned his PPSA in 2020.