Rules for PSA-Recognized Exhibition in 2020

All you need to know can be found on these pages. Please work through them systematically step-by-step.

EXHIBITIONS 2020 -  For 2020 Exhibitions, you must read and approve/agree to three documents before you can apply for recognition.) - click  2020 EXHIBITION DOCUMENT ONE  for the first document.

NEW: Read PSA's new policy on the Legal and Ethical use of Aerial Photography, including Drone Photography

Read each document to the end and agree to the final statement by checking a box to get to the next document. The application is available at the end of the third document.

A single application form is provided for all Divisions.  You only need to fill out one application regardless of the number of Divisions you want recognition from.

Download PSA Logo

Recommendations on Judging Procedures and Equipment

This document gives technical requirements and advice on the staging of a judging and on the equipment used.

Download Required Country List

Reporting Acceptances to PSA via Electronic Data Acceptance Sheets (EDAS)

You will be required to report your acceptances to PSA.  This document gives you all the information on how to do it.

Download Current PSA EDAS Template (.xls)

Download Current PSA EDAS Template (.xlsx)

Exhibition Catalog Checklist (downloadable pdf)

This document gives full instructions on what should be in the Exhibition Catalog and what form this Catalog should take



Information needed by PSA Directors

This document gives details on what information, and in what form, should be given PSA Officers such as Star Ratings Directors, Exhibition Standards Directors, Who's Who Directors, etc.