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Dennis C. Hirning, FPSA, MPSA·


Dennis was always interested in photography but became more serious when he was with a friend that could do so many wonderful things with a 35mm camera that Dennis could not do with his Brownie Hawkeye. He bought a used Exacta and has continued this interest ever since, except when family and the need to eat made demands on his time.

He joined the Great Falls Camera Club and PSA in 1986. He was involved in the CSD (CPID) study groups and did a little exhibiting at that time. In the early 1990's he had to withdraw because of time restraints. He rejoined PSA in 2005 after going digital and has become active in PSA. He earned his PPSA in 2009 and his EPSA in 2011. He has acceptances and stars in seven different divisions and has been in the top North American exhibitors for several years. He earned his APSA in 2012.

He is currently the PSA Region 7 Director and PSA EID Exhibition Standards Director. He is now a member of three camera clubs and an officer in two of them.

Old Soldiers
I Ate the Whoooole Thing
Oxbow Reflections
Late Afternoon Storm
A Little Disagreement
Loaded with Pollen

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