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Henry Nguyen

Henry's interest in photography sparked in 1982 when he was first given a fully manual camera from his father. Through many rolls of 35mm films, Henry taught himself, improved his photographic skills and knowledge, and learned to develop negatives in the dark room in college. Henry welcomed the era of digital photography with his purchase of Canon 10D in 2003, and quickly adapted to the fast evolving world of digital photography. He has actively participated in photographic activities at various local camera clubs, notably the Vietnamese Photographic Society of California (PSCVN), for which he has served as a board member, field trip leader, and photographic instructor.

Henry joined PSA in 2013. Since then, he has served as an administrator for Digital Dialogue, Study Groups, and has regularly competed in Projected Image Division (PID) and Pictorial Print Division (PPD). Internationally, Henry has earned various medals, honorable mentions, and awards from many PSA-recognized photographic exhibitions. In 2014, Henry assumed a role of Vice Chair, Website, for the Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA.