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Graduates of Discontinued PSA Online Courses

Some online PSA courses have been discontinued due to lack of sufficient interest by members. Others have been replaced by more current topics. In order to recognize those who have graduated from PSA courses, we maintain a list of those who have graduated now-discontinued courses. To reveal or hide one of the following lists, select it. To see all lists at once, choose "Show all."
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  • Portfolio Experience Course Graduates

    Portfolio Experience Course Graduates

    Laszlo Podor, Nova Scotia, Canada  March 2020
    Dee Darius Sams, Georgetown, TX  July 2019
    Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Doha, Qatar, September 2018
    Judith Anne Ponti-Sgargi, Ontario, Canada, November 2018
    Ruth Sprain, Loveland, CO,  February 2017
    Charles E. Carstensen, Montrose, CO, March 2017
    Lamar Nix, Seabrook, South Carolina  August 2016
    David Halgrimson, Sun City West, Arizona  December 2016
  • Beyond Rule of Thirds Graduates
    Cindy Hunt, Baton Rouge, LA  October 2015
    Holly Moore, Georgetown, TX  February 2014
    Eve Nagode, Canon City, CO  August 2014
    James Weidenfeller, Elmwood, MA  September 2014
    Gabriele Dellanave, Rochester, MN  October 2014
    Anuradha Nadimpalli, Barcelona, Spain  April 2013
    Ricky Aban, Moon Twp, PA  May 2013
    Jorge Morais Sarmento, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal July 2013
    Rui Pires, Aveiro, Portugal, August 2013
    Francesco Pessolano, Belgium, January 2012
    Amanda Burke, County Kilkenny, Ireland, September 2012
    Jay J. Brandinger, Pennington, NJ, March 2011
    Steve Estill, North Yorkshire, UK, April 2011
    Mitzi S. Smetters, Madison, OH, April 2011
    Anne Eigen, Sandy Hook, CT , May 2011
    Arthur Jacoby, Boca Raton, FL, May 2011
    Jack Kienast, Bellingham, WA, June 2011
    Timothy Dwight Morton, APSA, Hamilton, ON, Canada, July 2011
    David Halgrimson, Sun City West, AZ, July 2011
    Bujor Burlacu, King of Prussia, PA, October 2011
    Steve Estill, Briggswath Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK, June 2010
    Nancy D. Richardson, Bradford, MA, October 2010
    Charissa Lansing, Champaign, IL, November 2010
    Ken Phelan, Garfield Heights, OH