Georgios Kazazis, QPSA, EFIAP, GPU Aphrodite, GPU Cr 1 

George Kazazis was born in 1981 in Athens where he is living and working. He has studied Theology in the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens. He has also a Master degree in Criminology in Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences in the Faculty of Sociology. After finishing with his army obligations he started a phD research in Criminology and he is a phD Candidate up to today.

His first touch with photography was in his early years when his father, Fotis Kazazis, one of the most important Greek photographers from the 60's until now, was taking with him for company in his dark room. He started occupying more seriously with the photographic art in 2003, where he was given his first reliable photographic cameras. At the same year he attended lessons in Photography in the Hellenic Photographic Society, the most historical Greek Association (it was published in 1952) for one year and graduated in May 2004.

He also became a member of Hellenic Photographic Society and a year later he became member of its Directory Board, a position that he maintains until today. From 2009 until 2011 he has been Superintendent and from 2011 until now he has been the Administrator of the Society. He travels a lot to find his topics that mostly have to do with Humans in their every day actions or Street photography. 2005 was a very important year for him because he was formally invited by the Chinese Photographic Society to attend a photographic festival in the southern part of the country, met a lot of multi awarded and experienced professional photographers of all over the world and learned so useful information about artistic Photography. He also won his first National prize and attends with optimism the future. His pictures have been accepted, praised and awarded in many National but mostly International Artistic Photographic Competitions.

For all of this activity in 2016 he has been awarded AFIAP from FIAP, Crown1 and Aphrodite from GPU, ΕHPS from HPS in 2017 and EFIAP in 2018. Part of his artistic work has been published in many catalogues, newspapers, magazines and books and has been exhibited in many cities of Greece and in a lot of other countries worldwide. Georgios earned his QPSA in 2020.

You can find more examples of his work on his website: http://www.giorgoskazazis.gr