Geo (Hutch) Hutchison, QPSA

"My life-long love of photography was inspired at an early age by the magic of my father's cameras and darkroom. The advent of more advanced film cameras in the 1980s and digital photography in the 1990s further stimulated and broadened my interest. My work ranges across a diverse spectrum from people and landscapes to abstracts. I particularly enjoy working with black & white print media and a recently found interest in the world of high speed flash photography.

Over the years I have been active in the Thousand Oaks Photo Group, Ventura Camera Club and other photography groups. I am a frequent judge at local clubs, various competitions including the 2014 Southern California Council of Camera Clubs 49th Annual International Exhibition. We are all influenced by shape, texture and color around us. As a photographer, I love the challenge of making two-dimensional photographic images that move a viewer with even more impact than the original three dimensional subject; whether a landscape, abstract, portrait or action. As I grow as a photographer, the world around me becomes more intriguing and beautiful.

More of my images http://www.digitaldaydreaming.com"

Hutch earned his QPSA in 2019.