Gary Dibble

My interest in photography has come later in life. Although I always seemed to be the one taking family and travel photos, my pursuit of a career in medicine and family responsibilities held me back from a more in-depth study of photography.

In 2008, we went on a family vacation to Tanzania and I went "armed" with my new digital camera. I was amazed at the images that I was able to capture with this consumer camera, and then decided to take photography more seriously. This involved getting a more "serious" camera (a Canon Digital Rebel) and joining the RC Photo Club. I wanted to put myself in the company of more experienced photographers and to learn as much as I could from them. In retrospect, this was a wise decision and one that helped launch a new and amazing hobby, as well as an opportunity to meet new friends.

For me, photography is the perfect blend of art and technology - an ongoing process of learning and discovery. At present, my interests in photography include landscape, nature, wildlife and travel. I consider myself fortunate to have traveled extensively, and to have captured the essence of my travels in images that I am proud of, and that will forever remind me of those distant destinations.