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Guy B. Samoyault, APSA, GMPSA

Guy B. Samoyault, APSA, GMPSA, took his first slides in Algeria in the year 1958. He carried on with personal shots, always in color, up to the year 1969 when he felt the need to go more deeply into what had already become a hobby and joined the Club Couleur de Paris where he very quickly became an active member.

After the Club Couleur de Paris disbanded at the end of 1984, he became a member of Muraphot Paris. He has served as a member of the board and Executive Committee of the Federation Photographique de France and was responsible for the Color Slide Division from 1974 to 2001. He is now member of the Photo Club de Limours and United Photographers International (U.P.I.). He has been a member of PSA since 1970 and earned his APSA in 1980, his EPSA in 2000, and his GMPSA in 2012.

As photography is for him a means of communication he enters innumerable international exhibitions all over the world and has at present 12000 acceptances and numerous awards and distinctions. These results are to him secondary, the importance being to show his work. He is often, requested to be a member of international juries (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Portugal and Luxembourg ) and has been the guest of honor at several international salons.




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