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Fredrick Orkin·

After a four-decade career in academic medicine, Fred Orkin now spends more time developing his interests in photography. He acquired his first camera (Kodak Brownie Hawkeye) in 1950 and quickly progressed to adjustable photo gear and film processing in his home darkroom. Now he enjoys documentary, event, travel, and life-style photography with a variety of equipment, including a Nikon DSLR, Fuji mirrorless (including an infrared-converted body), and a vintage Rolleiflex.

Although he eschews contests, he won an honorable mention in Junior Natural History Magazine at age 8 and has had several travel images published in medical journals and as "photo filler" in The New England Journal of Medicine. He established and continues to convene the Photography Interest Group in the Eastman Community Association in Grantham, NH.