Frank Hausdoerfer

I was born in 1966, right on the border between East and West, where today a museum sits. The US Army called this "Point Alpha." Our small town was surrounded on three sides by this border. If I looked out the window, I would see another world, and it wasn't until 1989, that I could leave the area and see the rest of the world.

I think my roots gave me a big motivation to travel and see the world. I have been in over 33 countries, and recently visited Alaska, Patagonia, Bora Bora, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. I am looking forward to traveling more.

Travel photography is my specialty in photography, but I also enjoy Model photography. I get to see smiling faces and majestic landscapes.

I´m member of DVF and GFF in Germany, VÖAV in Austria and PSA and IIWF. Since November 2014 I have taken part in different international Photo-Awards. I received my first 3 Honorable Mentions just recently. I hope you enjoy my work and give me Feedback. Thanks! I can be reached at: