Chronology of Events
Tony Patti, HonPSA, FPSA

Associated Camera Clubs of America (ACCA) was founded.

September 8, 1932
Meeting in Newark, NJ, first step towards creating PSA.

December 1, l932
Letters sent to 200 likely interested parties to be part of organizing committee.

Early 1933
Nearly all of the solicited persons joined for one dollar per year dues.

Early 1933
Officers of the Organizing Committee were elected as follows:

Chairman: Louis F. Bucher, Newark, NJ
Vice Chairman: Clare J. Crary, Warren, PA
Secretary: Dr. Max Thorek, Chicago, IL
Treasurer: R. L. Van Oosting, Lynwood, CA

Headquarters was located at the site of the Newark Camera Club in Newark. NJ.

September 4, 1933
The second meeting of the committee was held at the Fort Dearing Camera Club in Chicago, IL.
Progress reports were favorable, and it was decided to enroll individual members.

October 1933
A resolution to change the name of ACCA to Photographic Society of America (PSA) was presented to the Board of the Associated Camera Clubs of America and passed.

December 1933
Records and funds of ACCA were transferred to the newly organized PSA.

The first officers of the Society were:

Honorary President: Louis F. Bucher
President: Dr. Max Thorek
Vice President: R.L. Van Oosting
Secretary: Byron H. Chatto
Treasurer: Chester H. Wheeler

Directors were as follows:
William A. Alcock, Charles K. Archer, Robert A. Barrows, Harry A. Greene, Arthur Hammond, Harry P. Herron, and William L. Woodburn.

President Thorek appointed William Woodburn as chairman for a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws of the Society. Members of the constitution and by-laws committee were Byron H. Chatto, Louis Fleckenstein, Franklin L Jordan, Dr. E. P. Wightman, and Dr. Thorek.