Society Recognition

Recipients of the Fallon Membership Award

joseph_fallon.jpg Joseph P. Fallon, Jr., FPSA, lived and practiced law in San Francisco, CA.  He joined PSA in 1956 and was active in all divisions.  He held many offices in the Society, including Chairman of the Stereo Division and General Chairman of the 1973 PSA International Convention in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Fallon was the PSA Pacific Zone Director from 1973 until his passing June 23, 1983, when he was Membership Vice President-elect.

Mr. Fallon was one of the most well-known speakers in the San Francisco Bay area. From 1964 to 1973, he presented as many as 17 programs per year, in addition to evaluating exhibitions and travelling often to the Far East on business. Because of his extensive speaking and evaluating services, and continued good will efforts to maintain the general welfare of the Society, Mr. Fallon was elected a Fellow in 1972.  He also received the Victor H. Scales Memorial Award in 1977.

2020 Richard Sprott, APSA 2006 no award
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