Host an Exhibition

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Guidelines to Host a PSA-Recognized Exhibition

If a group wishes to host a PSA-recognized Exhibition, the group needs to begin planning approximately a year before holding the judging and approximately three months before applying to PSA for recognition for the Exhibition. If someone in the group has experience chairing a PSA-recognized Exhibition, the timeline for beginning to plan may be less; however, the application for recognition must be made more than six months prior to the judging.

The following items need to be determined before the application for PSA-recognition is made:

  • The group / organization that will be responsible for hosting the proposed PSA-recognized Exhibition.  For example, this organization may be a photography club, two or three photography clubs, a council of photography clubs, a Chapter of PSA, an informal group created to host an exhibition, or a regional or national photography organization.

  • The person who will be responsible for the Exhibition. This person is the Exhibition Chair and is responsible to make sure the Exhibition follows all the requirements specified in the PSA Exhibition Standards (see link at top of page for current standards).

  • Those persons who will serve as the Exhibition workers. These people need to be contacted to make sure they know the tasks they are expected to complete and have agreed to do these tasks.
Location and Equipment
  • The location where the judging will take place. The location needs to be carefully researched to ascertain that it is appropriate for judging digital images and/or prints (e.g., windows that can be darkened, enough electric outlets, enough chairs and tables, easy access to toilets and water, ability to bring in snacks or a meal).

  • The equipment that will be needed for the judging and who will be providing the equipment.
Specifications and Procedures
  • The method to receive digital or print images (e.g., via email, a judging software program, or postal service).
  • The method to organize and location to host the images for judging (e.g., a judging software program, Lightroom® or laptop).
  • The method to be used to record the judges' scores and determine which images will be accepted in the Exhibition (e.g., a judging software program). 
  • The method to receive exhibition entry payment (e.g., PayPal, cash, checks).
  • The number of medals that will be given to the highest scoring images by decision of the judges. 
  • The method to be used to select the medal and honorable mention recipients.
  • The date for the judging. The location and key workers need to be contacted to make sure they are available.
  • The last date for receipt of entries (closing date).
  • The divisions that will be included in the Exhibition. It is recommended that a new Exhibition begin with one division.
  • The theme for a theme section and the definition for that theme.
  • The name for the exhibition.
  • The location and date for holding the Exhibition.
  • The anticipated income needs to be calculated (e.g., the fee that will be charged).
  • The potential expenses need to be identified
  • Exhibition Budget Worksheet

Once these items have been addressed, the Exhibition Chair needs to review the PSA Exhibition Standards one more time to make sure that the planned Exhibition will be conforming to all the requirements. Based on the Exhibition Standards requirements, the Chair needs to determine the closing date, the date the report cards will be emailed/mailed to the entrants, the date that the catalog will be emailed/mailed, and the date the awards will be mailed. Following this review and the establishment of these dates, the Exhibition Chair can apply for PSA-recognition. There are Guidelines to Apply for PSA-Recognition to assist an Exhibition Chair in completing that process.