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Jan Lee, FPSA, EPSA·

Jan Lee, FPSA, EPSA, Edmond, OK: Jan has been an active photographer most of her life. One of her earliest memories is of being given a camera. She joined the Oklahoma Camera Club in 1978, and has served as club president 3 times. She has chaired the Oklahoma International several times, and has been a judge of every section over the years. She has led a monthly beginning workshop for the club since 2010.

She joined PSA in 1987. She was chairman of all 4 pictorial print Classes of the PSA International for 6 years, and the chairman of the combined Nature, Photojournalism, and Photo Travel prints sections in 2019. She served as the Star Ratings Co-Director for the PSA divisions of CSD, CPID, EID, PIDC, and PIDM for a total of 9 years, and served as the PSA Treasurer for 3 years. She chaired the PSA Nomination Committee for the PSA Board of Directors. She is the Director of the PSA ROPA Program. She was elected to the honor of FPSA in 2016. For Jan, her monochrome photography comes first, but she loves all types of photography. She is a frequent exhibitor in PSA recognized exhibitions, and earned the ROPA Distinction of EPSA in 2012. Jan frequently judges for PSA clubs and PSA-recognized exhibitions.