EID Individual Creative

2011-2012 EID Individual Creative Competition Round 2 Results

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Name Title Location Country
HENRY, HELEN A Bleeding Heart Vortex (Medal)
Lancaster, CA USA
Alveen, Leif Information Overload Lightpainting (HM)
Vodskov Denmark
Bondar, Mikhail Attachment to the Sea-3 (HM)
Zaporozhye Ukraine
Bondar, Mikhail Attachment to the Sea-10 (HM)
Zaporozhye Ukraine
Crawford, Cynthia Hornbeam Trees - Magical Gifts (HM)
Norwich, CT USA
Crawford, Cynthia The Piper and the Fox (HM)
Norwich, CT USA
Estill, Steve 3 Cross Lift (HM)
Whitby UK
Henry, Helen Three Puzzled Masks (HM)
Lancaster, CA USA
Hodges, Bill Rebuilding Man (HM)
Tauranga New Zealand
Hodges, Bill The Flower (HM)
Tauranga New Zealand
Icklan, Tom Available (HM)
Manchester, NJ USA
Pustelnik, Birgit Good Vibrations (HM)
Bensheim Germany
Shaw, Samuel G. Library of Celsius (HM)
Turlock,CA USA
Thompson, Laurie Stories to Tell (HM)
New Orleans, LA USA
Zaia, Joseph J. Dubrov Way (HM)
Flagler Beach, FL USA