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Edward John Abbott, PPSA, FAPS, GPUCr2, AFIAP

Edward John Abbott has been interested in photography since he was very young, but he was unable to pursue my passion for Photography until he retired. Business interests kept him far too busy. On retirement he found himself with the funds to buy suitable equipment and the time to use it. Living in Australia presented endless opportunities for Photography. He soon traveled to the UK, Europe, Canada, and the USA, looking for more inspiration. (Vietnam Thailand and Cambodia are great if you like temples.)

He is a member of two camera clubs Hervey Bay and Maryborough QLD. "I found the clubs very helpful to get started."

He joined the APS {Photographic Society of Australia} and started to enter internationals Salons where he was quite successful. Shortly after joining, he received his first Australian honors, LAPS then the AAPS and FAPS and he completed his APS Masters. He is a member of the GPU {Global Photography Union} in Europe whereheI gained his Crowns 1 and 2. Also joined FIAP {Federation of international Photographic Arts} out of Brussels in the European Union and gained there first honors AFIAP. 

Edward earned his QPSA and PPSA in 2018.