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Committee Chair

‚úČ Jon Fishback, APSA, ARPS·


Many PSA members have taken numerous images and wish to explore ways to utilize their photographs, other members have vast photography experience and wish to use their photography skills to benefit their community. PSA members who have experience in these areas have been identified and they are available as Consultants to share their experiences and help other members.

There are members who do not know how to prepare images for digital entry, how to participate in PSA programs and activities, or how to entry PSA-recognized Exhibitions. PSA members who have experience preparing images, participating in PSA activities, and entering PSA-recognized Exhibitions and are willing to share their expertise as Consultants have been identified. This Consultation Service takes place via email.

PSA members should look at the topics listed below. Live links to the topics can be found in MyPSA under Member Education as well. Each Consultant webpage has the Consultant's portrait, email address, and a list of the questions the Consultant is prepared to answer. Many of the pages include references, resources, and sample or illustrative photos.

An added feature of this service are the topics at the head of each Consultant page which allows a member to go from one topic to the next without having to return to this Consultant Services page. Members who have experience utilizing their photographs or their photography skills in a way that is not listed here, and are willing to help other PSA members, should contact the Consultant Committee Chair. Members who are experienced participating in PSA programs and activities that are not listed here, and are willing to help other PSA members to participate, should contact the Consultant Committee Chair.

Consultants may not be able to return a member's email immediately if they are working or on a photo trip, and their travel schedule is private. If a Consultant does not respond in a week's time, please send another email to the Consultant. If the Consultant does not respond following two weeks and two emails, please contact the Consultant Committee Chair.

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Using Photographs:

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