Donna Judd

Donna Judd became fascinated with photography when, in 2008, having recently retired, she took an adult ed class in digital photography, taught by PSA member Roy Borman. Roy was most encouraging, talking her into buying an SLR and joining his Anaheim Camera Enthusiasts (ACES) photo club. Visiting judge Joanne Stolte recruited her into PSA, where Elena McTighe eventually encouraged her to write for the PSA Journal. She would like to thank Roy, Joanne, and Elena for being such generous, outstanding mentors!

She feels fortunate to have a Journal cover about photographing tennis, plus a number of travel articles covering Namibia, Slovenia, Cuba, and photographing people from other cultures, earning three bronze editorial stars. She loves casual people shots that reflect our common humanity, plus tennis, landscapes and animals, especially in Africa. She has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Fodor (New Mexico), International Travel News (cover), and numerous tennis publications in Japan and the US.

Over Christmas one year, she jokingly ran a little prize money contest for her family: Guess how many pictures were now on her computer (since that 2008 start). The answer: 43,642! Even she was impressed.