Study Groups

About the Groups

There are normally 6-8 members in each group with a wide range of experience and many with international members from around the world.  Groups vary somewhat  to accommodate member's needs and Interest.  The groups operate on either a one, two or three month fixed schedule with members submitting 2-4 images depending on the group.  A member submits images and descriptions of how, when and where the image was taken along with technical data such as f-stop, shutter speed, lens focal  length. lighting and hardware used, via an on-line upload system.

After the all images and descriptors are collected by the Secretary, they are posted and made available to the group.

The Review and Visual Feedback process then begins, all images are reviewed by each member of the group; the reviews and feedback are also submitted on-line. When felt necessary and helpful, a copy of the images may be altered to better define and display the effect of the reviewers' comments; these images are submitted as Visual Feedback. This allows a full explanation of how different perspectives actually appear.

Only after all the reviews and feedback have been submitted will the Secretary post the images to the submissions page for all to see at the same time. This keeps each member from being influenced by what others think; thus they gain knowledge and confidence by training themselves to act independently.

Complete information and a "Study Group Preview" is available at