Study Groups

How to Join

Step one:

  • Select your most interested subject from the list below:
    • Animals
    • Black and White (or monochrome)
    • Creative (major alterations allowed)
    • Creative/ General
    • Flowers
    • General,( any subject material)
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    • Nature (non restricted)
    • Panoramic
    • Portraits
    • Stars (must have received PID Stars ratings to be eligible)

Step Two:

  • Decide if you want to participate in a one, two or three month group

 Step Three:

  • Contact the appropriate PID Digital Study Group Director (email found on the main PID Study Groups page 
  • Provide your PSA member number, along with your choices and you will be enrolled in the appropriate group.
  • Once enrolled you will get more specific instructions via Email.