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General Guidelines

Your images must be e-mailed on, or preferably before, the 10th of the month.

Comments on, or preferably before, the 25th.

If you have a problem in meeting the deadlines, or will not be able to participate that month, please let your administrator know in advance as a courtesy. It may be possible to make special arrangements for your participation if the administrator knows beforehand. Every group has a vacation, "no images or comments this month," at irregular intervals about once a year

Feel free to ask any questions regarding our groups. Your suggestions are also welcome.      

Submitting Images

Some suggested items you may wish to include in the description of how it was achieved (accompanying each image):
  • Digital camera for original image
  • It is OK to include comments on new software or new equipment as part of the discussion of your image, but please don't make your discussion solely about that; it is the image that is most important.
  • Steps, if any, used in the image programme
  • The effect you were trying to achieve
  • Description of subject matter

 Please also include a title, just as you want it to appear on the web site.


For the COMMENTS you make on the monthly images, here are some guidelines to help them to be more interesting and helpful.
  • This is not a contest, but rather a sharing of images, techniques, and personal reactions.
  • You don't need to comment the same way a judge would do.
  • You can write how YOU react to the image as a whole, as if you saw it in a gallery and were making comments about it.
  • You can write how you react to the digital techniques, their choice and their execution.
  • You can write what you would have done to correct a similar problem.
  • You can write how you could have achieved the same effect using another technique.
  • You can suggest other things to do to the same image.
  • It is acceptable to point out (in good taste) anything you consider to be a defect.
  • Don't get upset - not everyone sees his or her own crooked horizons!
  • You can download the image, work on it yourself, and email with your comment to the administrator of your group in order to show what you would do to improve it or to show another version.
  • We all know that there is often more than one way to perform a digital technique, so let us be generous in hearing other methods.
  • We don't know what the other person knows, so let us take any constructive criticisms in a positive manner.
  • The group is supposed to be a fun sharing of ideas and an enlightening sharing of our reactions. The more creative the suggestions, the better.
  • Please try to avoid "I like it" although in some instances an image  appears to us to be so good as to not warrant any change at all. 
  • We do NOT score the images. No numbers, no stars, etc. This is a "group for learning."

Receiving Comments

Our purpose is to understand how other people react to our images; to learn what other people are doing; to share our methods; to learn how to improve our methods; to learn new methods; to interact with other photographers.

Let's appreciate the comments and appreciate the learning we acquire from the other members!

If you have done a lot of work on the image, or for any reason would like to show a “before” or “during” image to illustrate what or how you did something, you may include a smaller thumbnail image to be placed on the web site with your discussion of the image 

Remember that not everyone has the same tastes. Not everyone likes the same cars, architecture, fashions, etc. There isn't always a right or wrong, often merely preferences.