Star Ratings

PPD Star Ratings Application Form, Mono or Color

(Please help avoid mistakes by printing neatly or typing.)

Monochrome Prints - Mail to Tom Hady, APSA, PPSA, 7412 Spring Village Drive, Apt 312, Springfield, VA 22150, USA
Color Prints - Mail to Stuart Bacon, 1320 Benito Avenue, Burlingame, CA  94010-5626, USA

(This form is optional.  If you want to include the information in a letter, that's fine.)

1.  Name (exactly as it should appear in the certificate, including PSA recognitions) and mailing address:

Please Print__________________________

e-mail address:_________________________________________________________________

Having your email address can speed things up if there are questions.

2.  Are you applying for a star in:

Monochrome Prints?   ____ Large or _____Small?   |    Color Prints?   ____ Large or _____Small?

3.  What Star? ______________

4.  How many new Acceptances?________

On a separate sheet of paper, list new acceptances, showing year, exhibition and title.  Sort by year and exhibition and number consecutively.

5. Judging credits (see instructions for number, no new titles):

Year_____Salon______________ Number __;  Year_____ Salon________________Number_______

6.  How many new titles?________       On a separate sheet of paper, list new titles with one example of a salon (and year) that accepted.  Number consecutively.

7.Send and a photocopy of your PSA membership card. The fee is 12.00 per star award, as of January 1, 2016. If you are paying by cash or a check to PSA on a U.S. bank , send it with your application. If you want to use PayPal, wait until your application has been approved, and we will send the information on how to pay.